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Contact Info
OK, we don't have a regular phone anymore and while we are cruising we won't be able to check our email as often as we do now, but you can still easily get in contact with us. Check below for details of how, when and where.
Email is the best and proably the fastest way to get ahold of us. When we in ports or destinations, we will go to internet cafes and check our regular email. When we are out sailing, we have access to VERY SLOW email (300-900 baud ... NOT kb ... sorry Gri, no more of those great pictures) on the boat thru our long-range radio. That way, we get to our email at least a few times a week, even on passages.
Also, Niki and I, well OK mainly Niki, write logbook entries via email as can be seen in the logbook section of the website.


Due to bandwidth constraints, I am NOT publishing my HAM email address here but I selectively forward friends and family emails.
Radio is the sailors best friend for communication ... it's free and works all the time. We have both, VHF and HAM/SSB, radios on board and use our HAM radio for long-range communication as well as for sending and receiving email (see above). We always monitor channel 16 and are trying to attend the relevant nets when underway. For the non-sailors, nets are daily mostly hourly meetings on predefined frequencies where sailors discuss weather and conditions in the area, give advice and much more ... a great way to stay in touch during a long passage.

Our call sign is:

Believe it or not, Robert has gotten rid of his 'implanted' cell phone ... well we didn't really get rid of it, but we use our cell phone mainly for voice mail and making very selective calls but aren't receiving calls.
For the ones, who already have our numbers, Niki's old number is disconnected, but Robert's old cell phone number is still working ... it's never really on though ... our way to get away from civilization and work.
For my techno, gizmo friends and brother, NO we didn't get a satellite phone ... but YES we did keep the XBox ... J
Snail Mail
Yes we still receive snail mail ... we escpecially always are looking forward to letters and packages from home ... the good old fashioned way. We are using a mail forwarding service from Florida, that sorts our mail and at our request forwards it to certain destinations ... works pretty well.
If you want to send us some presents ... J ... drop us an email and we'd be happy to give you our mailing address ... sorry for not posting it here, but this is 'junk mail avoidance' measure.