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Here is the space where you can leave a lasting impression on our website. This is sort of the electronic extension of the paper guestbook Niki and I have been carrying around since we came to the US and started having a lot of visitors
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Send us your best wishes, let us know what you think about our logbook, our website or just your thoughts. We are looking forward to your entries in our eletronic guestbook.

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Sarana365 / Judi Bola 09/26/2019 Jakarta - Indonesia

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Tike 01/12/2015 1vmj0qgiNA2U - zgtSyTjIRE

I waentd to spend a minute to thank you for this.

Bill & Jean Crew - Pelican Express 01/13/2014 Ventura, Ca - USA

If this catches up to you I will be surprised, but just in case.  We are working on selling the business and going out cruising one more time toward the end of the year.

Was looking into Tracker to be sure I had the pieces on my new computer and came across your web site.

Last I remember years back you were in the LA area on a temporary assignment.

Your kids must be well into being teenagers, what a great time dad and mom :)

Let us know what is happening.


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Jenay 09/23/2012 fbtitavBZ - FZgCGHYDwXQXYyH

A milioln thanks for posting this information.

Rob Miller 07/06/2009 Brookline - United States

Cool site.

Rob Miller 05/18/2009 Brookline - United States

I liked your site.

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