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12/28/2009 12:00:00 PM

Holiday greetings

Season and New Year's greetings

A few days belated but still from our hearts, dear greetings and wishes from us to you. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday time with family and friends celebrating and enjoying a few days off. May the last few days in this year be joyous, leading you into a great start for a healthy, happy and balanced 2010.

With lots of love and big hugs

The 4 Schmids

(The photo was taken a few weeks ago in front of an Austrian house during our 5 day snow trip to Mammoth Mountain/California!!!)

PS: Here is an easy recipe that anyone can bake:


Lots of love

Same amount of kindness, compassion, patience, lenience, and tolerance

Pinch of persistence

Pinch of courage

One warmhearted smile

One dear look


Stir love, kindness and compassion till well mixed. Carefully fold in patience, lenience and tolerance. Add mixture to the pre-warmed love and simmer until it reaches a solid consistency. You can form the dough into small hearts and decorate it with courage and persistence, serving it with a warmhearted smile and a dear look - Bon appetit!

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